A Guide to Muslim-Friendly Hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam

One of the most popular destinations around the world is Hanoi, Vietnam. The popularity of the city and country boils down to their acceptance of guests of all religions and cultures. In short, anyone who is everyone can have a fun and safe trip in this particular city and even the country. When it comes to Muslim travelers, a lot of them choose to visit the city for its excellent selection of Halal hotels and restaurants.

For many Muslim travelers, the concept of Halal or Muslim-friendly tourism is one thing that they already have a great idea about. In recent years, the concept has spread not only to the Muslim community but also to non-Muslims in various areas around the globe. The adoption of countries that are not part of the OIC or Islamic Conference Organization is what Halal tourism is all about. These are the countries that have recognized the potential of Muslim growth across the world. This tourism concept existed to provide for the needs of worship of Muslim travelers in countries not part of the OIC. The provision of needs includes the places of worship, Halal hotels, and Halal restaurants. With many Muslims making a significant impact on the Southeast Asian tourism industry, it is not a surprise why this tourism concept is gaining popularity. With these trends, how businesses are operated in the hotel industry in Hanoi, Vietnam is great affected.

Even if Vietnam only has about 0.1% or 63,000 Muslims from its total population, the country remains positive in its approach to making its tourism environment Muslim-friendly. Even if the number of Muslim-friendly locations is still going up, you can still find a good number of places that offer praying facilities and serve Halal food in the area. You will also come across a good array of Muslim-friendly hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam. If you are looking for these Muslim-friendly hotels, make sure to check the following.

Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel: From the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, you will find this Muslim-friendly hotel. From the hotel, you will take 55 minutes of drive when you want to go to the Noi Bai International Airport. You may get the services of this hotel for a shuttle. Every hotel room is complete with all the amenities you need from a private bathroom with hot shower, air conditioning unit, and the like. As a Muslim traveler, you can get Halal food from the hotel even if they offer a variety of Western and Vietnamese dishes too.

Silk Queen Hotel Hang Gai: With this hotel, you get a touch of modern Vietnamese architecture with the best staying experience too. This is the hotel to be if you are looking for a nearby place to stay in the city center. For Muslim guests, the hotel serves Halal breakfast and accepts any special requests you have for them. You can also ask directions for any Halal restaurant in Hanoi Vietnam. The hotel also has a restaurant with Halal meal buffets.

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